I have over 20 years leadership experience in the Public, Private, and Non-Profit sectors. In addition to my small Business, I also serve as Director of Wireless Operations for a large Michigan Based Telecommunications provider.  Being at the helm of a successful segment of a large business, you need to have a skillset and ability to continue to drive growth, innovation, and forward thinking. As a voter, you want to know that the people you select to serve on council have the aptitude and practical experience to make solid decisions that positively affect the residents and business owners in the city of Westland. This is not a role that you would consider for someone with no relative experience. As a businessman and professional, I also spend hours interviewing candidates for employment. I work hard to know the candidates, to see what skills they can bring to the organization. I interview them, research their resume and qualifications. I would expect that you would want to be able to do the same when considering a candidate for office and I would agree. Below is a link to my Linked in Page. There you can see my professional resume along with endorsements and support from industry peers.


You Can also find some of my accomplishments in the news.